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Air Traffic Management

Adacel is helping Air Navigation Service Providers transition to the future with operational air traffic management systems that improve airspace efficiency, enable higher levels of service to airspace users and reduce controller workload.

Adacel's Aurora ATM automation systems manage all types of airspace and domains from oceanic, en route, terminal and approach sectors to control tower units. The system is scalable and configurable to meet present and future requirements and incorporates the latest in CNS/ATM technologies.

Aurora integrates all available surveillance data (ADS-B, Multi-Lateration, Radar, ADs-C and pilot position reports) with advanced flight data processing capabilities. Highly accurate 4 dimensional profiles coupled with sophisticated conflict detection and safety nets permit trajectory based operations in oceanic, en route and terminal airspaces.

Controller training in all operational positions is fully supported by Adacel's industy leading integrated training system.

The following list provides some of the important features of Adacel’s Aurora software. This list is not intended to be all inclusive.

Key Feature List
  • Complete 4D oceanic profile protection
  • Automated conflict detection
  • Monitoring & control by exception
  • Separation based on individual aircraft performance & equipage
  • Dynamic airspace allocation
  • User preferred route expansion
  • Dynamic airborne re-route programs (DARP)
  • Oceanic tailored arrivals
  • Oceanic trajectory management among others
Please contact an Adacel representative for information regarding specific requirements.
Aurora Coverage Map

Aurora’s automation capabilities are enabling higher standards of air navigation services and airspace efficiency in all regions where it is currently in use.

Aurora automation technology is currently in operational use in airspaces controlled by Fiji, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and the United States.