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Homeland Security

Adacel is committed to provide industry leading training solutions to the security personnel responsible for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. Facilities such as military bases, transportation systems, fuel supply depots, railway networks, nuclear power stations, airports and harbors are the life blood of the country and pose inviting targets. Those tasked to monitor and protect these facilities deserve the best training systems available to prepare them to detect and counter threats.
Simulator Training
Simulator Training

High fidelity simulation has proven to be the most effective means reinforce teaching and to accomplish long term retention of learned material. Adacel has created a security simulator that has been proven in the field to generate keen interest in the trainees that use it, to facilitate practical application of lessons learned and to enable instructors and senior personnel to evaluate security coverage and procedures.

The following list provides some of the important features of Adacel’s Homeland Security simulator. This list is not intended to be all inclusive.

Key Feature List
  • Site specific 3D virtual facility
  • Alarm and video management systems
  • Interactive access control – high security gates, pop up barriers, card readers, man cages etc.
  • User definable alarm messages
  • Semi autonomous articulated vehicles & personnel
  • Multiple camera types & displays
  • Multiple sensor types simulated
  • Airborne surveillance assets, aerostats, UAVs etc.
  • PTZ surveillance cameras
  • Networked radio/telephone communications
  • SFX fire, smoke weather
  • Student assessment.
Please contact an Adacel representative for information regarding specific requirements.
VAST - Security Systems Simulator
VAST - Security Systems Simulator

Adacel's VAST is used to create a high fidelity environment mimicking a security control room operations center. This high fidelity simulation provides a geo specific environment for security forces personnel to learn and practice their core mission, conduct simulated force on force exercises and practice their CONOPS - all within a cost effective environment which does not compromise the security of the operational facility.

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VAST - Security Systems Simulator   [PDF file]


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