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Voice Activated Cockpit

VAC is a specific product application of Adacel’s embedded Speech Recognition Service (eSRS) technology. It combines a Direct Voice Input (DVI) interaction with a text-to-speech response system into a cockpit user interface that in effect enables the pilot and the aircraft to talk to each other.
VAC System

The Adacel VAC system revolutionizes control input for modern aircraft by providing a natural user interface that reduces pilot workload and cockpit distractions. The advanced speech recognition features enable a single voice command to automate many tasks that would otherwise require multi-step, manual inputs that divert the pilot’s attention from other critical tasks. The system responds with aural feedback and command confirmation to the pilot to reinforce safety.

Adacel’s VAC has proven to be an effective voice user interface performing above a 98% word accuracy rate while deployed and tested in high-performance jet aircraft with different pilot voice characteristics and accents.
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VAC's Speech Technology

VAC uses a speaker independent recognition capability with continuous speech technology that overcomes the latency and usability issues normally found with discrete word, speaker dependent recognition systems. Voice commands can be issued in a natural manner without pauses between words and without any requirement for the pilot to carry an acoustic training card specific for their particular voice pattern.

Adacel has created systems and development tools that are instrumental to the high-accuracy of our speech recognition systems in the demanding environment of an aircraft cockpit, fully capable of effective operation in high-noise, high-stress, g-force and pressure breathing conditions.


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